ISDN to SIP Converter

Convert an ISDN Phone System to SIP

Moving voice calls from ISDN to SIP Services is a tried and tested way of saving money on both trunk rentals and telephone call charges. SpliceCom’s ISIP ISDN to SIP Converters, allow you to start to enjoy monthly costs savings right now, even when your current PBX is blocking a move to SIP. No change to your current system is usually required, just disconnect the trunks from the existing Basic Rate (ISDN 2) service(s) and connect them to SpliceCom’s ISIP* ISDN to SIP Converter.

With the BT PSTN Network Switch-Off locked in for 2025 and End of Sale in 2023 it has never been more important to start moving to a SIP-based solution.

SpliceCom have been providing affordable, customer focused voice solutions since they were founded in 2003 and ISIP is their latest innovative solution to provide additional functionality and value to their Phone Solutions.

*Please note that Splicecom’s ISIP 30 Primary Rate ISDN (ISDN30) to SIP Converter is no longer available.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

When is the BT PSTN Switch-Off?

BT will shutdown the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) in 2025 but will stop selling any services related in 2023. However trials in certain locations are happening as early as December 2020.

What happens if I don't move to SIP before the PSTN Switch-Off?

Any legacy PSTN services (such as ISDN) still live after the switch-off will be ceased. It is imperative to move to alternative services before this happens in order to avoid loss of service.