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The Cloud

With the upfront cost of servers and software licenses becoming more and more prohibitive for many businesses, cloud technology has become, for many businesses, a solution that provides all of the benefits of a server onsite without the upfront costs.

As technology progresses, more and more services are being hosted in the cloud and accessed remotely, it is a highly effective solution and makes life simpler for all in your business. The Cloud can enable your team members, wherever they are, to tap into all the same resources and services as the rest of the team onsite in real time.

One of the best things about Cloud services is they are highly modular and it is not a requirement for you to move all aspects of your business into the Cloud to start taking advantage of the benefits. Here at GreenCity Solutions we can help you choose the most efficient Cloud services that work best for the way your business operates and this can be either a complete replacement of your existing services with Cloud alternatives or introducing a select few Cloud services that best compliment what you already have.

Cloud Backup


For any business losing even a small fraction of your critical data for even a brief period of time can be a huge disaster. In some cases loss of data can literally bring a business to a standstill and have costly repercussions.

In this modern internet connected age threats to your data can come from any number of sources – hardware failure, software failure, malware and even natural disasters. It is important to use a backup solution that can recover from all of these and more. A Cloud Backup solution ensures that a copy of your data is kept in a secure location offsite to avoid it being affected by local issues and enables quick recovery and access to your files from any location.

GreenCity Solutions partner with Acronis, a leading provider of Backup and Disaster Recovery services, for all of our Cloud Backup Solutions.

Cloud Desktop

A Virtual Desktop in the Cloud looks and feels like it is running locally on your device but gives you the flexibility to access it from any device and any location with a stable internet connection.

For many workloads this is an identical Windows experience to what you are used to but all of your updates, program installations, anti-virus, licensing and so on is handled centrally in one place and can have big savings on your IT Support and Infrastructure costs versus a traditional on-premise solution over the same period.

GreenCity Solutions provide both a Multi-Tenant Remote Desktop solution at an affordable Per-User pricing model as well as bespoke Virtual Private Server solutions for companies with more specialised requirements.

Cloud Voice

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A Hosted SpliceCom Phone System is a reliable and affordable way to get a fully featured IP based Phone system without any of the upfront costs of an On-Premise solution.

You can use a Softphone client or for an affordable monthly fee you can get a modern IP Desk Phone which can be used anywhere with an internet connection and comes with an extended warranty.

With a PBX in the Cloud you save costs on power, space and ongoing maintenance of running the solution whilst still getting all the benefits of a modern system. If you already have an on-premise SpliceCom Maximiser system then there is a clear upgrade path allowing you to continue to use in most cases your existing phones and some or all of your existing licensing.

Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 is a collection of services and applications delivered as an affordable and flexible per-user subscription model that is always up to date and allows you to stay connected to your critical line-of-business data and software wherever you are.

Microsoft 365 is a great solution for companies who predominately use the Office suite and other Microsoft products and want to be able to always be up to date and able to access their data from anywhere with an internet connection. It also integrates with many other services that we provide such as Remote Desktop.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Office 365 differ from Microsoft Office?

Office 365 is a collection of cloud services provided by Microsoft. These includes a version of the full Office suite that integrates tightly with other services such as Microsoft Teams and OneDrive all for a flexible monthly fee based on what services you require.

Do I need to move all my services to the Cloud?

No, many Cloud services are extremely modular and can be slotted into your existing setup with ease allowing you to pick and choose the Cloud services that you want.