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EX186942 - Outlook client connectivity issues in specific scenarios3rd August 2019

Further Update from Microsoft:

Current status: After further review of the captured data, we’ve determined that a recent authentication change has introduced a problem where users with multiple accounts are unable to authenticate to the service properly, preventing them from accessing their mailboxes. We’re working to develop a fix to address this issue and will provide an estimated timeline for mitigation early next week.

Scope of impact: Users may experience this issue if they operate multiple related and trusted Enterprise log-in accounts across Microsoft 365 and Windows.

Root cause: A recent authentication change has introduced a problem where users with multiple accounts are unable to authenticate to the service properly, preventing them from accessing their mailboxes.

Microsoft have also advised the following workaround may restore access to Outlook in the interim:

1) Close Outlook and other Office applications.

2) Open an Office desktop application, such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

3) Navigate to File > Account > Switch accounts, and then click the ellipsis next to the account that’s not having the problem.

4) Click Sign out and then OK. *Note: Users that have multiple accounts may find it difficult to determine which account to sign out of; though, they should be able to sign back in later if there is an issue with this process.

5) Close the Office application used for this process and re-start the Outlook desktop client.

6) When prompted for a password, click “sign in to a different account” and enter the correct information.

If the above does not work users will need to revert to using Webmail as previously advised.

EX186942 - Outlook client connectivity issues in specific scenarios2nd August 2019

We are aware of an issue affecting Users on Office 365 ability to use Outlook to send and receive email. Please see details from Microsoft below:

User Impact: Users with multiple enterprise sign-in accounts can’t connect to Exchange Online via the Outlook desktop client. Users experiencing this problem will see the Outlook desktop client showing as disconnected and may receive the following error when attempting to send mail: “Sending and receiving reported error (0x80040115). The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.”

Users may be able to leverage one of the following options to circumvent impact for this event:

– Affected users may be able to use Outlook on the web or mobile clients to access their mailboxes.

If you are being affected by this issue please attempt to use Outlook Webmail for the time being until Microsoft resolve the issue.

To access Outlook for the Web browse to and login with your Office 365 Email Address/Username and Password.

O2 National Data Issue - FIXED7th December 2018


2G, 3G, and 4G data back online.

If customers are still experiencing issues reconnecting to mobile data, please advise them to turn their handsets off and on again (or turn flight mode on and then off). This will refresh the service and trigger it to actively search for a data signal.

Please advise any customers experiencing slow or intermittent data access that this may be down to the large number of customers reconnecting to data at the same time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

O2 National Data Issue6th December 2018


The O2 network is experiencing an issue with DATA across the UK.

We apologise for any inconvenience and will share updates with you as soon as we have them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Data Centre Issues28th September 2018


We are aware of some data centre issues which may cause customers to have difficulty connecting.  We are currently working on the issue.

CityFibre Issues - Resolved.17th July 2018

15:12 pm

The supplier has now confirmed the issue has been resolved.

CityFibre Issues - UPDATE17th July 2018

14:23 pm

We have been informed that the issue with slowness has now been resolved. We will continue to monitor the issue over time.

CityFibre Issues - UPDATE17th July 2018


The supplier has identified the issue and is currently working on the resolution. We will continue to push updates once we have more information.

CityFibre Issues17th July 2018


The supplier is currently investigating the slowness issues, we will update this when we have more information.

Data Centre Issues - Fixed11th April 2018


As per our previous update power is restored and we believe all services are backup, if you experience further issues please contact our support desk.

Data Centre Issues11th April 2018


We have been working on an issue in our data centre affecting cloud/hosted platforms.  Power has been restored and we are working to get services back online as quickly as possible.  Further updates within 2 hours.

National Broadband Outage - Fixed13th March 2018


The issue affecting some customers broadband services has now been resolved.  If you still experience issues please contact the support team on 01733 667755.

National Broadband Outage - Update13th March 2018


The fault affecting customers has now been identified and is being worked on, we are hoping that services will be restored soon.

National Broadband Outage13th March 2018


We are aware of a national broadband outage which is affecting some customers.  The issue is being worked on, we are keeping up to date with developments and will update here within the next 2 hours.

iExchange Issue5th March 2018


We are aware of an issue on the iExchange platform which is causing a small number of customers to experience email issues, we are working on this issue as our top priority, we will update here..

Peterborough Wide CityFibre Outage - Sunday 28th January 201826th January 2018

Please see below the notification we have just received from CityFibre.

In partnership with CityFibre we have done everything in our power to stop this work from happening due to the short notice given by Peterborough City Council but have been unable to either prevent or delay the work.

As such we are expecting all City Fibre services to be completely down from 6am to 5pm on Sunday (28th January 2018).

We are working with our customers to minimise disruption.

We apologise for the extremely late notice.

We have just been informed of some Power Works at the Peterborough Town Hall this Sunday. These works will cause a total blackout to the Data Centre and therefore a loss of all services. The IT department neglected to inform CityFibre of these works.

The planned maintenance details and possible impact on your service(s) are:

Customer Impact: Loss of service    
Case Number: 00025010
Service Number: All Active
What are we doing: Power cable installation
Where is this happening: Peterborough DC
Why is this happening: Power Upgrade
Description of the works taking place: Installation of cables, implementation and testing
Start Date and Time of Maintenance: 28.01.2018 06:00
End Date and Time of Maintenance: 28.01.2018 17:00
Estimated time of Maintenance: 11 hours

Connectivity Issue27th November 2017


The issue affecting connectivity for some customers is now resolved and all affected customer are now working normally.

Connectivity Issue27th November 2017


We are aware of a connectivity issue affecting some of our customers, it is being investigate by our supplier and we will update as soon as possible.  They have engineers working on it.

Symptons: Loss of internet and voice traffic

Hosted Mail Platform Outage9th November 2017


One of our third party hosted mail platforms is currently experiencing an outage which may result in some users not being able to send or receive email.  This is being investigated as a priority, we will update progress as we receive it.

Hosted Phone Issues27th September 2017


The Hosted Phone outage is now resolved and service should be restored to all customers. We are working on removing all diverts, this may take some time due to the volume.

Hosted Phone Issues27th September 2017


We are aware of some issues with some customers hosted phone systems.  Engineers are working on this in the data centre and we will provide an update here as soon as we have it.

If you require a divert please email with the subject Hosted Divert, please include the number you wish to divert to.

Outlook Issues19th September 2017


We are aware of some issues with Microsoft Outlook which have been ongoing for some time.  Microsoft has confirmed that some users are unable to send email or to access their accounts.

The issue appears to be intermittent and affecting some customers but no means all.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this page as soon as we know more.

As this is an intermittent issue, if you are experiencing issues with Outlook please contact us by telephone on 01733 667755 so that we can investigate.

Broadband Outage25th August 2017


This issue has been investigated and resolved.  There are a very small number of customers being affected, this customers are being support by our Engineers and Technicians.

Broadband Outage25th August 2017


We are aware of a broadband outage affecting some customers which we are currently investigating.  Any updates will be posted here as soon as we have them.

Widespread Telecoms Issue23rd August 2017

The earlier issue was caused by a main network operation centre which suffered a power cut as of 9:13am due to external works in the local area. This also affected our ability to receive calls. Power is currently being provided via a back up service and recovery was from approximately 9:30am. There will have been some service interruption to voice and data services for a number of customers if their service was primarily hosted in this location, while services were rerouted to our resilient locations, and a number of services may still be recovering.

Widespread Telecoms Issue23rd August 2017


We are aware of a widespread telecoms issue and we are investigating.  This issue is affecting us so please email you support request to  Further updates will be available here as soon as we have them.

MyDesktop Plaform Issue - Resolved10th July 2017


The MyDesktop Platform issue has now been resolved, if you are still experiencing issue please let us know in the usual way.

MyDesktop Plaform Issue10th July 2017


The issue affecting the platorm is still being worked on, further updates on this issue will be posted here

MyDesktop Platform Issue10th July 2017


We are still working on the issue affected MyDesktop Platform customers, we will provide another update soon.

MyDesktop Platform Issue10th July 2017


We are aware of an issue on the MyDesktop Platform this morning which is displaying as a certificate error.

The error appears to be preventing people being able to logon and connect to the system.

This is currently being worked on, we will provide a further update at 9:45am

Further updates can be found here.

Splicecom SIP Outage19th June 2017

14:43 – Resolved

The issue has been identified and resolved.  We are currently contacting affected customers to ensure they are no longer experiencing issues.

Splicecom SIP Outage13:45

The suppliers are aware of this issue and continue to work hard to resolve it.

Splicecom SIP Outage19th June 2017


We are currently aware of a call quality issue affecting some customers who have SpliceCom Hosted Phone Systems this is affecting external calls. We have notified SpliceCom Support who are investigating further with their carrier and are working to resolve the issue.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please check back here for updates.

Major Broadband Outage7th June 2017


The issue regarding a national broadband outage appears to be resolved although the supplier fault has not yet been closed.  Our customers are seeing services being restored, the restoration of services started approximately half an hour ago.  Due to this being a national outage we may not receive an outage report, if we do it will be posted here.

Major Broadband Outage7th June 2017


We are aware of a major national broadband outage affecting businesses all over the country.  We are working with our suppliers to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and will post updates here as often as possible.

If you require diverts on your phones please contact our help desk on 01733 667755.

Mail Platform Outage6th June 2017


The certificate issue on the mail platform has now been resolved.

The affected users Outlook clients should now be connecting and incoming and outgoing emails should be flowing (although this may take a little time).  If you were an affected customer still experiencing issues with Outlook connecting close Outlook and re-open.  If the issue persists please contact us on 01733 667755.

Mail Platform Outage6th June 2017


We are currently making progress on this issue and we believe mail to mobile devices has now been restored.  We are continuing to work towards a full resolution for Outlook connectivity

Mail Platform Outage6th June 2017


We are still working on the issue affecting some customers using Outlook and hope to have this resolved very soon.

As previously mentioned Webmail is working for both sending and receiving emails using the following address

Once again we apologise for the invconvenience

Mail Platform Outage6th June 2017


We are working on an issue with a corrupt certificate on one of our mail platforms which is causing Outlook not to connect for some of our customers.  Webmail is still working by clicking through the certificate/security warnings.

We will post another update as soon as possible

Webmail address:

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Mail Platform Outage6th June 2017


We are currently aware of a certificate error on part of our email platform that is preventing some users Outlook from being able to connect. Our engineers are currently working on resolving the issue at the moment. This issue only affects users connecting on Outlook, the Web mail portal is working without issue and users can send and receive email on that portal.

The Web mail address is

Please check back here for updates

Quest Cloud Emergency Maintenance16th November 2016


Apologies for the late notice but we have just received the notice below from our cloud service provider. There will be emergency maintenance late tonight to perform essential maintenance.

If you have any questions related to this please contact our helpdesk.

Effected systems: Virtual Private Cloud, questMail, VPS, questCloud Virtual Desktop


Description of works: We are currently experiencing an issue across our primary Hyper-V Clusters with Windows Remote Management Instrumentation (WinRM). This is effecting our ability to communicate with our Host Clusters and provide management access to customers. Some of the primary tasks WinRM provides are Virtual Machine load balancing across the clusters, Virtual Machine Migration, console management and storage management.


After consulting with the manufacturer of the software Microsoft we have been advised that the next course of action is to perform restarts of every node in our Host Clusters. Under normal operations this would not be an issue however, one of the effected systems of this fault is our ability to “Live Migrate” Customer Virtual Machines from one Host to another.


As a result of this completing this maintenance will effect service while each node is restarted.


Impact Details: Each Cluster Node will have its Virtual Machine guests placed into a “saved” or “paused” state then the node will be restarted and the guest Virtual machines resumed. During this time the Virtual machine will be unavailable, once the Virtual Machine is resumed it will continue from where it was before maintenance began without being restarted.


Service will be removed at 22:00 this evening and we are forecasting a restore of all services by 02:00, however it may be necessary to extend this until 04:00 in a worst case scenario.

City Fibre Maintenance 27/11/201614th November 2016

We have been informed by City Fibre that between 06:00 and 15:00 on Sunday 27/11/16  Peterborough City Council are committed to completing the upgrade of their power distribution in the Town Hall.  There should be no disruption of service, however due to the nature of the maintenance services are deemed “at risk” for the duration of this period. In the event of an outage and your service not automatically being restored you may need to restart both the white ONT & the supplied router or own equipment.


Improving Service4th November 2016

On Friday 4th November our office will be closing at 4pm.

Following the completion of our recent acquisition of Total Solutions and our continued dedication to providing the best service through a motivated and knowledgeable team we will be closing early on Friday 4th November 2016 for some team building.

It is important that all team members attend so from 4pm on Friday 4th November if you have an urgent support or maintenance issue please call in the usual way and follow the prompts, you will be asked to leave a message and one of our technical team will call you back shortly after the end of our meeting at 5pm.

If you have any other queries including non-urgent support queries from 4pm on Friday please email the relevant team or call on 01733 667755, leave a message and we will respond on Monday 7th November 2016.

If you have any questions please email

Outgoing Call Issues12th October 2016

14.32 – The outgoing call issues have now been resolved.

Outgoing Call Issues12th October 2016

We are aware of an issue affecting some customers when making outbound calls.  When dialing out to some numbers some customers are receiving a number unobtainable tone.  We are currently working with the carrier to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

There are currently no reported issuesSeptember 2016

There are currently no reported issuesAugust 2016