SpliceC0m Phone Systems

A full range of telephone systems, customisable, to suit any sector.

Although businesses are using email more and more to communicate, telephony is still the backbone of business communication.

At GreenCity Solutions we work closely with our suppliers to be able to provide, install and maintain new highly efficient telephone systems that will not only save your business or organisation money, but also give you a far more flexible and advantageous system at a cost neutral monthly investment so you pay no more than you pay now.

These solutions are all fully supported by our in-house support team who are fully certified so we can ensure you have complete peace of mind that your telephone system will do all that is asked of it.

SpliceCom have been providing affordable, customer focused voice solutions since they were founded in 2003 and continue year after year to develop new innovative solutions for the ever changing Telecoms market. On-premise or Cloud, CAPEX or OPEX, SpliceCom offer great flexibility and a fully featured IP PBX for any situation.

SelectVoice Phone Systems

SelectVoice Series

SelectVoice, Splicecom’s complete communications service, is a single platform voice solution that meets all your business voice requirements – but goes further still. Delivering an extensive range of fixed and mobile voice capabilities and controlled via an easy-to-use web portal, SelectVoice puts you firmly in control of voice communication into, out of and inside your business.

We can deliver a complete end-to-end SelectVoice solution, including cloud hosting, connectivity and SIP trunks, or you can choose to deploy it with any of these services that you might already be using.

SelectVoice 20

SelectVoice 20 is the all-in-one Unified Communications solution that provides businesses with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, deployed on your premises and available to purchase on a CAPEX or monthly subscription model. Designed for small businesses with up to 20 users in mind, the SelectVoice 20 delivers highly featured telephony supported by Splicecom’s, embedded Business Management Reporting solution, Vision Reports.

Includes: MAPSolo Server, 20 Users, 15 Trunks, WebPartner and Vision Reporting.

Vision Business Management

Vision Reports

Vision Reports provides an in-depth, company-wide view of how your business is performing, when you want it, how you want it and where you want it.

All reports can be accessed through a standard web browser from anywhere at any time and printed off if required. Key reports can be scheduled by time and date and delivered to individuals or groups by email and you can build your own reporting groups.

Vision Recording

Vision Record seamlessly integrates mandatory and/or manual call recordings made on SelectVoice platforms with Vision Reports, allowing them to be easily managed, searched for and played-back when ever necessary. Details of the Call Recording – including the ability to “click & play” – are included with the full call logging record of each call.

The provision of call recording as an integrated application, independent of end-point device, location or trunk type, delivers a sophisticated, flexible and easy to use solution that is considerably more cost-effective than expensive 3rd party alternatives.

Vision Live

Delivering real-time information on business performance to Directors, Managers and Administrators, Vision Live allows potential issues to be identified and resolved before they can impact operations. Browser based for viewing anytime, anywhere on any device, Vision Live provides the information that enables companies to optimise their resources for maximum productivity, so facilitating a smooth running operation. In addition, Vision Live allows configurable thresholds to be set for Warnings and Alarms, on an individual tile-by-tile basis, ideal for alerting you to any dips in service levels.

Vision Call Centre

Vision Call Centre helps businesses to meet and beat the service level expectations of their customers, whilst at the same time, increasing employee productivity and reducing operational costs.

Developed to deliver a single seamless solution with Splicecom’s SelectVoice platforms, Vision Call Centre combines advanced call routing with state-of-the-art reporting and management to optimise every aspect of your inbound call centre operation.

UC and CRM

Navigate UC

Navigate UC is a powerful personal productivity tool that allows businesses to beneft from voice enabling their core IT apps through Splicecom SelectVoice.

Navigate UC helps to increase efficiency by showing the caller’s contact details on your PC screen before calls are answered and eliminating wrong numbers by enabling ‘click-to-dial’ directly from Microsoft Skype for Business 2016, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Contacts.

Navigate UC also provides real-time Presence information on all your colleagues, allowing you to make instant and accurate decisions as to how and when is the best time to communicate with them. This includes integrated messaging (IM), which is also provided on Navigate UC.

Navigate CRM

Navigate CRM takes all of the powerful personal productivity features of Navigate UC and adds support for all the leading CRM apps, alongside integration with LDAP and ODBC databases.

Works with:
Microsoft Dynamics
Sage CRM

Many other database apps for specific vertical markets – too many to meaningfully list here – are also supported. So if you can’t see the particular database you’re using here, please contact us to see if we can bring the same Unified Communication benefits to your business.

PCS Phones

PCS Phones

SpliceCom’s PCS range of Phones are all developed in house for tight integration with their Phone Systems and have a wide range of features such as Call Parks and Silent Intrude.

The most recent refresh – PCS5x3 (PCS553, PCS553G, PCS563 and PCS573G) adds HD Voice, an ultra-thin and low profile design and new UI icons and fonts.

The PCS IP Phones also support SpliceCom’s SSL Gateway Application allowing for easier and secure remote working without requiring complicated traditional site-to-site technologies such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or STUN.

Older phone ranges – PCS5xx, PCS5x1 and PCS5x2 are all forwards compatible with SelectVoice from existing Maximiser systems.

Yealink Phones

Yealink Phones

SpliceCom were awarded Yealink Premier Partner 2020 and have worked closely with Yealink to support their T3, T4 and T5 range of phones on SelectVoice systems both on-prem and in the Cloud with deep integration and features – A Splicecom Yealink is not an everyday Yealink!

“We see our relationship with Yealink being a key factor in Splicecom’s future success in three main areas,” says Stuart Bell, Splicecom’s Head of Sales for the UK & Ireland. “It extends out our IP endpoint portfolio by instantly providing our partners with access to conference phones, IP DECT phones, video phones and Busy Lamp Field extenders for traditional operator requirements. Secondly, it lowers the cost of entry where prospects are looking for an ‘everyday’ office feature set. Finally, and most significantly for our future ambitions, it allows our partners to deliver significant value add to the large wave of hosted customers whose initial 3-year term is coming to an end and who want to keep their existing Yealink handsets, but change their voice service provider,” concluded Bell.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

iPCS Mobile App

Available on both Android and iOS, iPCS utilises the same SSL Gateway technology as the PCS Phones to connect securely and seamlessly to your SelectVoice system wherever you may be via WiFi or 4G.

When out of the office simply enable the App, your PCS deskphone is logged out and you are able to make and receive calls on the App as if you were in the office. When back in the office go back into the App and disable it and the PCS deskphone will automatically log back in.

The iPCS App supports many of the same features as the deskphones such as Call Parks, Hold and Transfer and access to the Global contact directory.

Navigate Pro

Available in both Partner or Softphone mode, Navigate Pro is a UC client app that delivers the ultimate flexibility in business productivity. Now you can access all the benefits of an advanced UC service using SelectVoice, via your laptop or desktop PC.

In Partner Mode, Navigate Pro pairs with a compatible IP Phone to provide extended functionality and UC features.

In Softphone Mode, Navigate Pro can connect over the LAN or can use the same SSL Gateway technology as the PCS Phones to connect securely and seamlessly to your SelectVoice system wherever you may be via WiFi or 4G. By using a broad range of Bluetooth or USB headsets in conjunction with your laptop/PC to make and receive phone calls, Navigate Pro becomes the perfect all-in-one business phone solution.

Navigate Pro is currently only supported on Windows 10.


Ideal for today’s mobile working practices, WebPartner is a browser based phone partner, which allows business users greater freedom over the way they handle their voice calls both in an out of the office, delivering greater flexibility and control.

Accessed through the web browser of notebooks/laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones, Splicecom’s WebPartner doesn’t need any native PC applications to be loaded and there’s no requirement for complex routing or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), so it’s easy to set-up, use and maintain, making it ‘IT department friendly’.

Multi-Cell DECT

Multi-Cell DECT over IP

SpliceCom SelectVoice now supports Yealink’s excellent W80 and W90 DECT IP Multi-Cell solutions allowing customers to deploy DECT at scale across a site and roam seamlessly across a site with a Yealink DECT handset.

The Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System provides a seamless roaming and handover solution that allows users to move freely in large spaces. In addition to supporting up to 30 base stations and 100 handsets, the wireless feature of this System enables users to enjoy flexibility, seamless roaming and handover, HD audio quality, and clear communication.

The Yealink W90 DECT IP Multi-Cell System takes this even further, supporting up to 60 base stations and 250 handsets.


Intelligent Gateway Modules

Splicecom’s range of Intelligent Gateway Modules provide connectivity to legacy devices and services for SelectVoice platforms.

Developed in-house to guarantee interoperability, the three variants provide connectivity to Basic Rate ISDN services and legacy PBXs (I208), Primary Rate ISDN & DPNSS services and legacy PBXs (I230) and analogue phones, fax machines and modems (P308). A small slimline low-profile design combined with LAN connectivity allows you to place these modules exactly where you need them, greatly reducing any cabling requirements.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) support allows individual Intelligent Gateway Modules to be driven through PoE enabled LAN switches or Splicecom’s STEPS in-line PSU. Where higher densities are required, up to five modules can be mounted in the Intelligent Gateway Module Rack – or up to four if the optional Intelligent Gateway Module PSU is chosen to power them.


Maximiser Series

SpliceCom’s previous series of Phone system products and accessories, Maximiser reached End of Life as of March 2020. SelectVoice replaces Maximiser in all areas and also many existing Phones, Modules, Licensing and accessories are forwards compatible with SelectVoice.

SpliceCom also offers reduced pricing on licensing and other special offers when upgrading from a Maximiser system.

In most cases existing config from a Maximiser system can be backed up and carried over to SelectVoice with minimal changes or fuss providing a very streamlined and painless upgrade experience.

To find out more about our Phone Solutions call us on 01733830555 or use our contact form below. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How will a telephone system from GreenCity Solutions save my business money?

A telephone system provided by GreenCity Solutions uses voice over IP technology which can dramatically reduce call costs or is even FREE for many numbers. In many cases our customers have found that a new telephone system with VOIP has cost no more than their existing plan.

How will I know if a telephone system provided by GreenCity Solutions will fit my business?

You can take advantage of a demonstration of the systems we provide and our Account Managers will talk you through exactly how a system can be customised to meet the needs of your business.