Ubiquiti Products

UniFi Network: Simple Network Management

Ubiquiti’s innovative UniFi Network Application provides a ‘single pane of glass’ view of your entire network simplifying network management and allowing for a more efficient and robust solution at an affordable price when paired with UniFi hardware. A wide range of options for Routers, Switches and Wireless Access Points exist to suit your business with more devices being added all the time.

We also can provide services for Cloud Hosting the UniFi Network Application and compatible Guest Captive Portals.

UniFi Protect: Simple Camera Management

UniFi Protect is the replacement and successor to UniFi Video. It supports many of the same cameras and features as Video making upgrading to Protect relatively straightforward and painless. Much like with UniFi Network, UniFi Protect relies on tight integration between the Protect Application and Ubiquiti’s excellent range of cameras and accessories.

Options for both indoor and outdoor deployments and all accessible with a convenient mobile app whilst your recordings remain stored securely on site on your UniFi NVR.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How will you assess what my needs are?

As well as discussing your requirements and talking to you about your vision for your site or a particular room we also complete a site survey.

What happened to UniFi Video?

UniFi Video officially became EOL (End of Life) on 15/o1/2o21. We did a blog post on this at the time which you can find here.

If you need any assistance migrating from UniFi Video to UniFi Protect please get in touch using the details listed above.