Leased Lines

A complete range of Broadband services for business

GreenCity Solutions provide a wide range of broadband solutions for business through our partnerships with UK ISPs.

Fast, reliable broadband has become more and more integral to UK businesses over the last few years as we move towards more and more services being provided in the Cloud or having a Cloud element to them. Even On-Premise solutions will often have a heavy need for good broadband due to internet dependent services such as VoIP (Voice over IP) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

At GreenCity Solutions we strive to provide the most efficient and reliable broadband and leased line solutions to our customers. We can also provide fully redundant solutions with the ability to failover services across multiple types of connection seamlessly.

Copper EFM

Max Download: 20Mbps

Max Upload: 20Mbps

Copper EFM (Ethernet First Mile) services utilise multiple copper connections to your premises to provide a consistent reliable connection. If one of the copper connections fails speed may be reduced but the service will continue to function.

An Ideal service for where a reliable connection is the priority over a fast connection and where Standard Broadband options are not adequate or a Fibre connection is not feasible due to a lack of availability or where high excess construction charges (ECCs) would apply.


Max Download: 80Mbps

Max Upload: 20Mbps

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet) is a similar service physically to FTTC/SoGEA but it is provided as an Ethernet presentation and has a guaranteed SLA (4 Hours) and no contention unlike Standard Broadband services. The service is monitored 24/7 and because it shares the same underlying technologies as FTTC/SoGEA it is widely available across the UK.

EoFTTC is suitable as a Primary connection where a higher SLA is required and is suitable for Cloud and VoIP services. It is the most cost effective Leased Line option where fast broadband is still required but not at the speeds of something like a Fibre Ethernet service.

Fibre Ethernet

Max Download: 1Gbps

Max Upload: 1Gbps

Fibre Ethernet is a dedicated Fibre connection from the Exchange to your premises with a high SLA (4 Hours) and monitored 24/7. It lacks any contention or use of any legacy copper connections to the premises.

Often used as a primary connection for a business with heavy bandwidth and uptime requirements and can be paired with a Standard Broadband connection for resiliency where needed.

To find out more about our Leased Line solutions call us on 01733830555 or use our contact form below. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How quickly can a Leased Line service be live?

Standard lead time is 63 – 90 days depending on the supplier involved but can often be much quicker if the premises has had a connection previously and where excess construction works are minimal.

BT Broadband Checker shows only ADSL in my area, what can I do?

Please get in touch! The BT Broadband checker understandably only shows BT services and often other services are available from alternative providers such as CityFibre and Glide which will not show on the checker. GreenCity Solutions work with a wide variety of service providers to be able to provide fast broadband across the UK in a variety of locations.