Centrestack File Sync

Cloud enable your On-Premise File Servers

All businesses need a reliable and efficient IT Solution be it 1 PC in a warehouse or 100 PCs across multiple offices.

At GreenCity Solutions we provide a range of IT & Cloud services and solutions to be able to support businesses of any size and help them make the best decisions possible in regards to how to develop the IT strategy of their business.

Centrestack is a managed file sync and share solution that focuses on bringing data from across your business under one easy to use single pane of glass. Our On-Premise offering allows you to replace legacy VPN and DFS solutions with a fast modern alternative that is fully under your control and allows users to access files from remote locations securely. Existing Cloud storage options such as SharePoint Online and Dropbox can also be managed from Centrestack and then the data can be migrated back under your control as required.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the requirements for installing a Centrestack Server?

Centrestack Server runs on Windows Server 2012R2/2016/2019. It is recommended to use a dedicated Windows instance. This can be a Virtual Machine in your existing infrastructure or dedicated physical hardware. We can also provide hardware solutions if required.

Data you wish to make available via Centrestack can live on your existing file servers or on the Centrestack Server itself as well as various Cloud storage providers such as SharePoint Online, Dropbox and Amazon S3.

Why use Centrestack Client with [INSERT CLOUD SERVICE]?

Whilst many Cloud file storage solutions do have their own clients and access methods they have a tendency to either restrict key functionality behind additional licensing options that can be expensive to purchase for multiple users or are simply lacking robust multi-user and guest-user features as they were not originally designed for multi-user environments. Centrestack avoids this issue by instead focusing on creating the best multi-user experience and feature set regardless of what storage is used and being designed from the ground up for multi-user setups.