IT & Cloud

A full range of IT and Cloud services designed for business

All businesses need a reliable and efficient IT Solution be it 1 PC in a warehouse or a 100 PCs across multiple offices.

At GreenCity Solutions we provide a range of IT & Cloud services and solutions to be able to support businesses of any size and help them make the best decisions possible in regards to how to develop the IT strategy of their business.

Cloud Services are one area where we have seen a high amount of adoption due to the upfront cost of servers and software licenses becoming more and more prohibitive for many businesses, cloud technology has become, for many businesses, a solution that provides all of the benefits of a server onsite without the upfront costs. The Cloud can enable your team members, wherever they are, to tap into all the same resources and services as the rest of the team onsite in real time.

IT Support

PC and Server Support Package for Business.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and DR Solutions for Business.

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Centrestack File Sync

Secure Remote Access to your File Servers.

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Microsoft 365

Cloud Apps and Services for Business.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

More details coming soon!

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Remote Working

Solutions for Users working Remotely.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

I already have an IT Pro on Staff, can I still take services from yourself?

Absolutely! We are happy to provide IT services to your business and support your existing onsite IT Staff to provide additional resource, knowledge and skills as required.

Do I need to move all my services to the Cloud?

No, many Cloud services are extremely modular and can be slotted into your existing setup with ease allowing you to pick and choose the Cloud services that you want.