Microsoft Teams Phone

Voice for Small to Medium size Businesses with MS365

Microsoft Teams Phone (Formerly called Microsoft 365 Business Voice) brings the Microsoft Phone System to a wider range of customers then ever before. Combining the already excellent Microsoft Teams feature set with Voice calling allows for a true UC (Unified Communications) experience and with Teams Phone it is now accessible to companies of any size.

GreenCity Solutions partner closely with Gamma Telecom who have launched their new Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Operator Connect services to allow you to enable Teams as a full cloud-based UC solution with enterprise grade telephony providing an alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans.

Gamma Telecom are one of the largest network operators in the UK, with a reputation built on technical expertise and voice service delivery, they have an in-depth experience of VoIP implementations, working with organisations of all sizes.

Operator Connect

Quick and easy way to enable calling within Microsoft Teams for customers and port their numbers across.

Direct Routing

Flexible service that can be highly customised to suit customer requirements such as linking Microsoft Teams to an existing PBX or Trunks.

Microsoft Calling Plans

Basic way to setup calling with limited capabilities and call configuration. Does not require a session border controller (SBC) or ‘voice trunk’.

Direct Routing and Operator Connect

Enable full voice capability natively into Microsoft Teams, as an alternative to expensive Microsoft calling plans and without the need for on-premise hardware. Direct Routing/Operator Connect utilises Microsoft certified Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to deliver better value, greater flexibility, increased functionality and support for migration, all as a cloud-based service.

Direct Routing/Operator Connect provides connectivity to your Microsoft Team’s tenant enabling full PSTN breakout on the public telephone network. Connection from Microsoft Teams to Gamma’s network is via an IP connection and is delivered as an end-to-end service with high availability.

Give your Teams a voice with confidence – benefit from a highly reliable, resilient architecture with Direct Routing and Operator Connect from the UK’s No.1 SIP Trunking provider with simple provisioning, enhanced call control features and carrier grade infrastructure. All provided at a competitive price, as a complete cloud solution.

Teams Clients

Microsoft Teams has a number of clients that can have voice enabled including Softphone on a PC, Mobile Apps and a range of Deskphone options such as the excellent Yealink series of Teams Phones.

Enabling Microsoft Teams for Voice will require an appropriate phone system license. For customers under 300 users we recommend the Microsoft Teams Phone Standard (without calling plan) license which can then be paired with a voice service from an experienced ‘Telco’ such as Gamma Telecom.

If you do not have your Microsoft 365 licensing with GreenCity Solutions and yourself or your provider need advice on what licensing you require for Voice please get in touch.

Teams Meeting Rooms

We can provide a range of certified meeting room solutions for use with Microsoft teams for small huddle rooms to large meeting rooms and training areas. All professionally installed by our experienced engineers.

Also like any other Teams Client, a Teams certified meeting room solution can have Voice enabled to be able to make calls to the public telephone network and allow you to collaborate with users outside of Microsoft Teams allowing you to replace any existing legacy conference phone facilities with one solution.

To find out more about our Microsoft Phone System solutions call us on 01733830555 or use our contact form below. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I keep my existing Phone Number?

YES! We can port your existing landline numbers (01, 02) from your current service to a Microsoft Teams Phone solution so you can continue to receive calls natively within Teams.

With Operator Connect and Direct Routing we also have support for Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN) such as 03, 08, etc.

What do I need to get started with Microsoft Teams Phone?

  • Microsoft or Office 365 License that includes Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams Phone add-on*
  • A compatible Voice service such as Operator Connect, Direct Routing or Microsoft Calling Plans.
  • A sufficiently capable Internet Connection.

*Exact license required may vary. If unsure please speak to your Microsoft 365 System Administrator.

Why should I use Direct Routing/Operator Connect over Microsoft Calling Plans?

Direct Routing/Operator Connect allows you to use a Microsoft Teams Phone solution with enterprise-grade telephony from the UK’s leading SIP Provider. This has a number of advantages such as higher bundled minutes, lower call rates, failover options, easier number porting and more features then what is offered with Microsoft Calling Plans as they stand today.

This may change in time but for now our recommendation when using a Microsoft Phone System is to use a Direct Routing/Operator Connect offering for your calls from an experienced ‘Telco’ provider such as Gamma Telecom.

Can I move from Teams Phone Solution A to Teams Phone Solution B?

YES! If you decide the current service is not providing what you need your numbers can be ported over to the one of the other Teams Phone services e.g. from Direct Routing to Operator Connect.

What about Skype for Business Phone Systems?

Microsoft have already announced End of Life dates for the current Skype for Business Offerings:

  • Skype for Business Online: 31/07/2021
  • Skype for Business Server 2015: 14/10/2025
  • Skype for Business Server 2019: 14/10/2025

Microsoft Teams is the direct replacement for Skype for Business, sharing much of the same functionality as well as many new or improved features.

If you wish to enquire about options for migrating from an existing SFB Solution to Microsoft Teams please get in touch.