We have seen a big uplift in usage since the connection went live with no negative impacts on our bandwidth and ability to carry out our everyday tasks

Aron Sopp Sopp & Sopp


Sopp+Sopp is an independently owned fleet accident management company which works with some of the largest retail chains and manufacturers in the country. Since launching in 2003, the business has grown rapidly to establish itself as the market leader in the industry. Sopp+Sopp’s office in Peterborough houses its team of over 70 people including a 24/7 call centre.

Their passion is to provide high quality customer service and the company has
embraced change enabling them to now provide a broader range of services and solutions to their customers however the desire for quality remains the main focus of their business.

The Challenge

Sopp+Sopp needed better connectivity as the 24/7 nature of the business called for a stable and reliable connection to provide the best and most consistent service to their customers. With a network of over 270 approved repair partners servicing cars, LCV’s and HGV’s, it needed access to reliable communication channels at all times of the day with customers and repairers.
Furthermore, rapid growth has enabled the company to embrace new technology and management systems which allow them to keep their customers updated on their vehicles in real time, making ultra-fast connectivity vital.


Sopp+Sopp connected to CityFibre’s gigabit speed full-fibre network in Peterborough via their local partner, GreenCity Solutions. This single pure-fibre connection has led to a dependable fast connection which the business can rely on 24/7. It has also allowed the company to take advantage of a new VoIP solution which has enhanced their customer experience. The introduction of this infrastructure allowed the business to become much more resilient, and one of the greatest advantages has been the team’s increased confidence now they can better support customers through the use of hosted solutions.
Aron Sopp, Head of Call Centre Operations said: “The 24/7 nature of our business means that secure online communication is vital. Connecting to the Gigabit network has given our team members’ confidence in their ability to service our customers and log incidents directly onto our portals, uninterrupted. We are able react to our customers’ requirements immediately.”