Telephone Systems

GreenCity Solutions provide a range of telephone systems, customisable, to suit any sector.

Although businesses are using email more and more to communicate, telephone is still the backbone of your business.

We have negotiated with our suppliers to be able, in the majority of business cases, to provide, install and maintain new highly effective telephone systems that will not only save your business or organisation money, but give you a far better, more flexible and advantageous system at a cost neutral monthly investment. So you pay no more than you pay now.

These solutions are all fully supported by our providers and networks and are our nationwide engineering resources to ensure you have complete peace of mind that your communications system will do all that is asked of it.

The ability to reduce your call costs, improve your telephone system and increase the effectiveness and abilities of your communications system will make perfect sense to you.

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Some of the features you can expect from a telephone systems provided by GreenCity Solutions are:


To find out more about our telephone systems or for a demonstration contact us now. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How will a telephone system from GreenCity Solutions save my business money?

GreenCity Solutions telephone systems use voice over IP technology which reduces call costs or even FREE for many numbers, in many cases our customers have found that a new telephone system and call charges have cost no more than their existing plan.

How will I know if a telephone system provided by GreenCity Solutions will fit my business?

You can take advantage of a demonstration of the systems we provide and our Account Managers will talk you through exactly how a system can be customised to meet the needs of your business.