IT Solutions

Backup – Protecting your Data

Backing up your business data is probably one of the most important actions taken each data. Our backup solutions mean that you will never lose your critical data.

No business can afford to lose valuable data, nor can a business tolerate days to retrieve lost data.

Our backup solution will minimise the risk of your business losing data. With just one onsite backup drive for a daily backup and an automated daily online backup this service is designed to replace your existing backup solution and requires no user intervention.


Whether it be providing new telephone systems, new IT equipment or both, sourcing the right solution for your business now and in the future is paramount.

We work with our customers, understanding their business to provide the best solution at the best price. Planning the installation and set up to minimise disruption and providing the training necessary to ensure your team get the best out of your new equipment.

To find out more about protecting your business data or how we can provide the best communications and IT solution for your business contact us now. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is my backed up data secure?

The short answer is YES; your data will be sent from your location using encryption software which utilises SSL/TSL certificates to verify the server identities and thus protects against hackers. In simple terms it creates a secure link between your server/pc and the location your data is being sent to.

How will you ensure that the infrastructure you provide is futureproof?

Over many years we have built up a vast platform of knowledge, with this knowledge of what is possible and available and your knowledge of your business and plans for the future we will work with you to build a solutions that can be scoped up when required.