IT Solutions

A full range of IT services designed for business

All businesses need a reliable and efficient IT Solution be it 1 PC in a warehouse or a 100 PCs across multiple offices.

At GreenCity Solutions we provide a range of IT services and solutions to be able to support businesses of any size and help them make the best decisions possible in regards to how to develop the IT aspects of their business.

IT Support

Be it new hardware or an existing solution we can support your IT needs for your business as you grow.

As part of managing your IT we will make sure all aspects of your IT are kept up to date and secure as possible. We handle all the day-to-day operations of your IT from supporting you when you have an issue to fixing problems you don’t even know are there.

We have a suite of software we deploy to monitor your systems, provide Anti-virus and Anti-Ransomware protection and automate deployment of software and setting changes.

We can also work with onsite IT Teams to provide extra resource and expertise and free them up from dealing with day-to-day tasks. Alternatively we can provide a skill set that your onsite IT staff may not have so they can focus on the areas they are best at.

Backup & Disaster Recovery


No business can afford to lose valuable data, nor can a business tolerate days to retrieve lost data.

Whether it be backing up to a local USB drive or a full DR solution where we leverage the Cloud to spin up a copy of your servers in a secure datacentre our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are designed to ensure you never lose your data and downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. We will work with you to implement a solution that protects your data but is also efficient and cost-effective for your business.

GreenCity Solutions partner with Acronis, a leading provider of Backup and Disaster Recovery services, for all of our Backup/DR Solutions.

IT Projects & Consolidation

Whether it be providing a new Server solution or helping move your data into the Cloud we will work closely with you on these projects to understand your business and provide the best solution at the best price. Planning the installation and set up to minimise disruption and providing the training necessary to ensure your team get the best out of your new solution.

We can also help you consolidate your existing IT Server infrastructure. Got a rack full of servers eating power and making noise you want to decrease and not sure where to start? We can look at your existing setup and provide a detailed plan of how best to consolidate your hardware. Using the latest hardware and virtualisation technology in many cases we can shrink your server footprint whilst maintaining all the same services at the same performance or better and also providing growth for future projects.

To find out more about protecting your business data or how we can provide the best communications and IT solution for your business contact us now. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How will you ensure that the infrastructure you provide is futureproof?

Over many years we have built up a vast platform of knowledge, with this knowledge of what is possible and available and your knowledge of your business and plans for the future we will work with you to build a solutions that can be scoped up when required.

Do I need fast broadband for Backups?

No, backing up to the Cloud is just one of the options we provide. We can also provide local backup options such as Removable Drives, Tape and dedicated backup servers. The important thing is that your backups are protected from anything that might require you to use them such as malware which Local or Cloud we can make sure is the case.