Cloud & Hosted Solutions

The Cloud

With the upfront cost of servers and software licenses becoming more and more prohibitive for many businesses, cloud technology has become, for many businesses, a solution that provides all of the benefits of a server onsite without the upfront costs.

As technology progresses, more and more services are being hosted in the cloud and accessed remotely, it is a highly effective solution and makes life simpler for all in your business. The Cloud service enables your team members, wherever they are, to tap into all the same information, resources and services as the rest of the team in real time.

With all of your IT system hosted in a purpose built data centre it is protected by several layers of security both on and offline. There are a number of layers of power supply so should one fail another kicks in and similarly with internet services meaning that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Office 365

If your business does not want to go as far as a fully hosted solution but is still looking for flexibility offered by a cloud solution Office 365 is a great half way house.

With Office 365 your team members can access their email and office suite wherever they are on any internet connected device. Always up to date with the latest version of Office you never need to worry about upgrading the software.

With monthly or yearly payment plans and the opportunity to choose between storing documents on your local PC or to OneDrive Office 365 provides total flexibility.

To find out more about our Cloud solutions or how Office 365 might help in your business contact us now. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is a cloud solution secure?

Data centres, which is where your data and resources would be housed, are purposely scoped and resourced for the security of your data and resources. The resources put into their security and disaster recovery are far greater than most businesses could manage on their own. In a nutshell this means that your data and resources are as secure as they could be.

How is Office 365 different to Microsoft Office?

Office 365 is a subscription plan that includes access to Office applications that are enabled over the internet.