Serviced Offices

Your Serviced Offices Have to Be Better Than Everyone Elses

In many respects serviced offices need to be better than other offices because your tenants rely upon you to take care of everything for them. Therefore, the better your service and support, the more sought after your offices become.

We understand that and we appreciate that your communications have a direct bearing on the amount of time your clients will stay. If business communications are better elsewhere they are unlikely to stick around. Keeping your clients and maximising occupancy means a strong and, hopefully profitable, business. It’s an extremely competitive market. You’re under pressure to consistently deliver and to increase the value of your appeal and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Focus On the Serviced Offices Market

By focusing on the needs of the Serviced Office market, the flexibility and openness of our solutions give you the tools you need to beat these challenges and excel in the market. There are a number of choices such as permanent, virtual and Hot Desk operations, you can centralise or have distributed operator services, remote access and flexible mobility options all supported by a breadth of practical, valuable real-time, and historical, business information for management purposes. This element of control and management will help you to meet your targets by offering key services, whilst lowering your operational costs.


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The Flexible Licensing Programme (FLP) give you great help with your budget management as you can increase or decrease the number of users, trunks, applications, you use completely in line with your business needs.

Features include

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