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Supplying Healthcare Professionals with Outstanding Communication Support Systems

As a Healthcare organisation, one of your primary goals, as we understand it, is to improve your patient access and effectively control and manage calls and the time your administrative team are spending as efficiently as possible. It is also, as you’re no doubt very aware with a finite budget, important and necessary to manage your budget.

The surgery phone systems available to your organisation are designed to improve communication with your patients, help you reduce missed appointments, provide evidence that you are compliant in line with Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards for assessment and at the same time reduce your operational costs.

Our surgery phones have been developed to ensure that your patients never get an engaged tone when they call you, the automatic Surgery Attendant facility will improve your patient access and can deliver important messages to callers which increases your administration and staff efficiency.

Having the right solution for your needs both now and for the future is important. There are a number of options. The telephone systems can be soft, hard or virtual systems and the services that connect them can also give you choices to ensure your solution is optimised for your needs and to get the best from your budget.


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