The Automotive Industry Is Highly Competitive So Customer Service is Critical

Customer service in the automotive industry, whether a car dealership, commercial vehicle dealership, service station or both has never been more important. Your brand strength and visibility levels are enhanced or damaged by the way you are perceived due to your communication.

Sales are often hard-fought, the demand for replacement and spare parts has never been greater and parts suppliers are handling more enquiries and more orders by ‘hone than ever before so making this process more efficient and effective for both customers and staff is essential.


Specifically Designed for the Automotive Industry

The telephone systems and communications solutions provided by GreenCity Solutions offer tools specifically designed for motor dealerships and automotive parts suppliers which enable you to provide superb service to your customers. You will be able to deliver information and services to your clients and prospective clients in a consistently efficient way, allowing your team to communicate effectively and set you apart from those who don’t. You can give those who need to, options to work in different ways – perhaps from other locations, whether home or even on the move. You can underpin key business communications between your workforce, your different departments, your suppliers and, critically, your customers.


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Features include

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