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CityFibre is a builder of Gigabit Cities and the largest independent provider of pure fibre infrastructure in the UK. The company designs, builds, owns and operates gigabit speed fibre networks in mid-sized cities and major towns. These networks empower data-hungry users, unleashing unlimited speeds on future-proofed technology, and ensure that the UK’s regional centres remain truly open for business in a digital age. Its customers include the public sector and mobile industry, as well as business and consumer service providers.

With network in 60 UK towns and cities, CityFibre has begun five Gigabit City projects in Peterborough, York, Coventry, Aberdeen and Edinburgh where city-wide pure fibre networks known as COREs bring world-class internet connectivity and the benefits of gigabit speeds to every aspect of the city’s community.

GreenCity Solutions collaborated with City Fibre in 2013 and the 5 phase roll out has been a huge success – the campaigns and events that have been run have seen 6 key locations within Peterborough including Fengate, Orton Southgate and Lynch Wood unlocked to receive the superfast Gigabit speeds.

Greg Mesch, CEO at CityFibre, said: “GreenCity Solutions is an established and experienced ISP with immense knowledge of the city of Peterborough. It is an ideal partner to evangelise, support and integrate fibre solutions over the Peterborough CORE. The success of the Gig Up campaign in the city demonstrates the considerable interest that organisations have in using fibre to help them build their businesses. It is vital that they should be able to work with a company like GreenCity Solutions, which will understand their needs and help them to maximise full potential from Gigabit speed services”.

MLL Telecom Partner

MLL Telecom

We have joined forces with MLL Telecom, a UK Telecoms licensed operator formed in 1991, and a leading provider in the UK of carrier class network and solutions.

“This is a new approach for MLL Telecom and we are delighted to be working with GreenCity Solutions in Norwich. The partnership was formed as part of our ongoing mission to deliver secure, cost-effective and high quality connectivity for the UK’s fast growing digital economy and fortifies our commitment to the region of East Anglia”. – Gary Marven, CEO, MLL Telecom

They are experts in Next Generation Network & Wireless communications, and have over 23 years’ experience providing high quality services throughout the UK. Since 2011 they have provided the backbone for Public Sector Organisations and Education establishments over the entire Suffolk area. Building upon this success they are now expanding to allow commercial customers to obtain the same high benefits as delivered by this top tier Network. MLL Telecom have proved themselves to be an extremely proactive support partner to those customers demanding high capacity, quality and resilient services that are demanded by the public sector and this is now being offered commercially.

2014 saw over 100 sites upgraded to Fibre to the cabinet using Openreach wholesale infrastructure on the same basis as BT and other service providers offering super-fast services. Now we will be providing the services with added value to the SME market. 2015 is a big year for everyone and this partnership will open up a high capacity fibre infrastructure to provide high quality business class managed services.

MS3 Partner

MS3 Networks

MS3 launched in 2013 after having witnessed first-hand, the lack of competition in East Yorkshire due to the dominance of the local incumbent. They set about building the first alternative fibre network in the region, which stretches 34km across Hull and East Yorkshire, looping across the iconic Humber Bridge into Lincolnshire.

With a total of 75 years experience between the team, MS3 will be expanding their fibre network so that it covers a total of 200km; with GreenCity Solutions expertise at delivering high speed networks at a commercial level – we predict this partnership to replicate the success that both businesses have encountered so far.

GreenCity Solutions will be using the knowledge and experience gained over the term of the hugely successful Peterborough Core project to bring a business class superfast fibre network to Hull.

“This is an exciting partnership with GreenCity Solutions and we are looking forward to working with them in Hull. GreenCity Solutions recognise that our range of connectivity products significantly compliments their existing suite of services. Together we will deliver a high quality, cost-effective service which will vastly improve the digital economy in the region”.- Tony Hales, Managing Director, MS3 Networks Limited